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What to Wear?


It’s not the style, shade, or price of the dress that makes your Red Dress evening AMAZING, but the fun you have in it. This is NOT a drag party, you can come in full drag if you want, but you don’t HAVE to wear pumps or pearls, nails or nylons, you don’t even have to have your hair did – you just have to wear a RED DRESS. Any shape, any size, any color – as long as it’s RED, will get you in the door.


Acceptable Outfits for Red Dress:

Red Formal Dress, Skirt, Kilt, Robe, Toga, Shirt with Black Pants


You must arrive at the venue in a red dress. No street clothes, pants, t-shirts, just underwear, non-dress outfits!  We encourage creativity and fun and trust me... You don't want to be that one person sticking out!


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