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Volunteer Job Descriptions


(If you volunteer 2.5 hours or more during the event times listed below, we'll let you enjoy the event for free for helping us.


Set-Up Crew – Many volunteers needed. This is where we could use the most help. We will be unloading trucks, setting up decor, stage, lights, sound, check in area, coat check area, dressing rooms, assisting the bartenders with setting up their space and making sure its ready to go when doors open..


Bar-Backs / Food Prep – assist bartenders in each area with whatever they need. Typical duties include refilling the drink dispensers and bringing them ice, cups and napkins as needed and manage buffet area.


Check In – When ticket patron come in you will check there tickets, give VIP's there bracelets and help take care of ticket sales.


Coat check – Handle the check in of coats, tagging them with numbers upon guest arriving and checking out coats to guest as they leave.


Cleaning Patrol – patrolling the building to ensure that garbage cans are in convenient locations and are emptied when full. All garbage must be removed from the building and placed in the dumpster or recycling bins as appropriate.


Rover – shadowing the event manager and running whatever errands they deem necessary. Possible duties include checking traffic flow at doors, overseeing volunteers while they are seeing to other duties, etc.


Street Clearing – after the party all outside garbage must be cleaned up and all RDP items (benches, etc.) must be moved inside the building. Within the building all garbage, empty cups, plates, etc. need to be cleaned up and placed in the appropriate garbage/recycling receptacle.


Tear Down / Cleaning – Many volunteers needed. This is where we could use the most help. We will be taking down any props we made and doing a very thorough cleaning of the building, loading moving truck and general clean-up of all party spaces.


Shifts: -

4:00pm – 7:00pm - Set up Crew

7:00pm – 9:30pm – Cleaning Patrol,  Bar Backs/Food Prep, Rover, Coat Check, Check In

9:30pm – 12:00am – Cleaning Patrol, Bar Backs/Food Prep, Rover, Coat Check, Check In

12:00am – 2:00am – Tear Down/Cleaning, Street Cleaning













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